Since 2010 we've been carrying out an experiment. We've withdrawn prevention programmes for young people, further reduced access to child and adolescent mental health services and pretended a pandemic had limited impact on a population level.

It was an interesting experiment but it proved that if you don't spend money early you end up spending much more money later on.

So we'll done. All the pseudo scientific cherry picked data in the world won't change the fact that this is crisis that was created through policy

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Hi Neil, in the last section you mention the impact of the Smartphone/online world as a significant negative for our children. This is normally looked at as the need to ban/regulate children’s access, but does this also raise a question on parental involvement? In today’s hectic world with pressure on both parents to work just to keep families above water (and to maximise gdp/taxes), have we missed the value of allowing parents to be parents?

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Absolutely - you are right - I hope to write more on this soon

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